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 Infinite Colours Rules

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PostSubject: Infinite Colours Rules   Infinite Colours Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 4:18 pm

General Rules
As a given, abuse of other users (Including name-calling and foul/offensive language) won't be tolerated.
Don't be an ass and you'll be fine.

Racism, sexism, homophobia or any other such prejudice are simply not acceptable here.
Obviously, exceptions can be made here for the purposes of characterization, it is however not welcome otherwise.

Whilst mature discussion is welcomed, attempting to provoke arguments or 'troll' will be dealt with swiftly.
I.e. Creating an Off Topic thread discussing personal opinions is fine, creating one implying that everyone who doesn't agree is an idiot, however, is not.

Roleplaying-Specific Rules
Adhere to rules set by the Roleplay's creator.
Fairly simply, if specific rules for a specific RP have been set, follow them. These may clash with the Roleplaying-Specific Rules, but not the General Rules.

Generally, set reasonable limitations; avoid overpowering your character. This may however vary by RP.
Powerful characters are a temptation, and even an essential in some cases. However, whilst a reasonable power may be an ability to breathe fire, an ability to set others on fire with only their mind which is practically impossible to dodge and or resist probably isn't. Set reasonable limitations (ie. 'Can suspend everything within a range of 30metres for 10sec, but this does not effect humans/beings with a will of their own').

Control only your own characters.
You must NOT take control of another person's character unless explicitly agreed upon by both parties. This includes killing, injuring, speaking for or dictating the reaction of any character but your own. If you attack another character, do not assume your character made the hit; end your post and allow them opportunity to react.

Equally, be (somewhat) realistic.
Whilst it's natural to become attached to your own character, sometimes they will be caught off guard, and sometimes they will be outmatched in certain skills. If they're an untrained merchant facing off against a master swordsman, they're probably going to get hurt. The same however applies if said master swordsman gets captured; suddenly developing rogue-like lockpicking skills or super strength to escape where it had never previously been mentioned tends to irritate people and should be avoided.
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Infinite Colours Rules
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