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 Actually getting a role play forum made

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PostSubject: Actually getting a role play forum made   Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:46 pm

If you want your own story within our little family, Contact myself or Dhevix. We will set up the forum for you so you can post on it!

Solo stories: If you're brainstorming or writing down your story. Great for idealists or writers.

Multi Stories: Great for working with people or friends. Many ideas and outcomes come to a surprise using this.
Warning: Too many writers though can get confusing, so limit yourself on how many people are allowed (generally 5)

Post Length: Honestly, you're welcome to post a rule stating that you want "so long of a post" but i strongly suggest you don't. Role playing for over 6 years i've found out that people work at their own pace, and this includes writing in some instances, some days its like "ugh i dont wanna write a lot..." other days its like "I WANNA WRITE ALL THE WORDS!!"

anyways by my standards no limit on posts, but i wont stop you from doing it

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Actually getting a role play forum made
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